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Staining & Sealing101

The topic of Stain & Sealing can be confusing for some; although, its important the client and contractor be well versed in the subject. The contractor needs to possess sufficient knowledge of the subject to help their client's make informed decisions. Bottom line, this stuff is expensive, wasting it would be the same as burning money; we strongly urge you to hire an experienced staining contractor, hopefully, us!!

Before exposing you to our stain & sealing library, it's important we differentiate between the two.


Typically refers to applying a paint-like substance that has been tinted a color. Examples of exterior stain colors would be "Redwood" or "Cedar Oak"; while indoor stain colors would be closer to "Gunstock" or "American Traditional"

Usually staining takes place after the "natural look" of the original wood has fadded away; however, if the wood has become too weather, a special deck paint is recommended, in place of stain.


Typically refers to sealing exterior wooden surfaces with a clear, water-repelling surface. Sealing is most commonly done after a fence or deck has been constructed. When new wood is sealed it retains its "natural" wood color for significantly longer if it wasn't sealed. Opting not to seal newly built fences/decks will lead straight to the weathered wood look in no time.

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