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After reviewing the photo gallery below, you’ll have a better understanding of how dedicated we are to ensuring the paint drys even and without lap marks. We implore you to also pay close attention to areas you might not immediately notice such as where the wall meets the baseboard or door trim. Rest easy knowing that Ameliorate Home Solutions will go the extra mile to ensure tedious cut-in work is done correctly and precisely, the results are astounding.

We want you to feel comfortable in our painting abilities, here’s a double dose of painting.

We invite you to understand that our painting ability does not cease merely at painting walls. However, our painting skills incorporate all aspects of painting, on virtually all surfaces. Review the list below to become better acquainted with what we can paint; note, this is not a complete list.

While we paint every room, w also paint on specialty surfaces.





Staircase Baseboard

Crown Molding

Chair Rail Molding

Quarter Round Molding

Painting Library