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Whether you need to replace a rotted door or upgrade to energy efficient windows, we've got you totally covered.

Even metal coated exterior doors can rot, commonly due to the compromised brick molding, or "door trim". Over time, the caulking becomes weathered and can no longer keep water from invading the unit. This will cause wooden brick molding to rot, eventually causing the door jamb itself to rot; it's VERY important to replaced rotted door jamb components. If left alone, the inner 2x4 door frame will rot, and that's a much serious repair.

-The same goes for window trim.

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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Replacement of a rotted door jamb on a “non-opening” french door.¬†

Replacement of two rotted door jambs. One supporting the inset window and the door’s strike-side jamb.

Replacement of an “older style” window with a new energy efficent window.

Installation of an interior pantry door.

Installation of this door included wiring an electronic lock 

Client chose not to replace trim